DEC. 9th & 10th, 2022

The test schedules are ready for viewing.

Dance partner lesson fees and test fees are due before you warm up your dance/s.  Please stop in at the Ticket Office in the lobby to pay his bill.  Cash, Checks or Credit Cards are acceptable methods of payment.

All skaters must be at the rink at least 30-45 minutes before your warmup time. School is in session so reserve time to find a parking spot and then the walk to door #7.   Check in with your coach when you arrive.  If you are late and miss your warm up, you miss your warm up-you will not be given one.  If you miss the test, you miss the test with no refunds.  

The schedule on both days is very tight so we expect everyone to move right along--get on the ice for your warm up when the group ahead of you is finished--the warm up stopwatch starts ticking when the last person in a group leaves the ice. Also, because of the time constraints, there will be no pre-preliminary free skate programs skated with or without music.  You will do the elements required as directed by your judge.  If this is not satisfactory, you can be removed from the test schedule if you wish.

If you haven't submitted a permission to test form, please do so before the test session.  Any questions contact the Test Chair at:

Thank you and Good Luck testers!

Test SCHeduLe - DeCEMBER 9thTest SCHeduLe - DECEMBER 10th
The November test schedules are ready for viewing.  All tests will take place at the Moorhead Sports Center, 324 24th St S, Moorhead, MN.  Please arrive at least 45 minutes before your warm up; we do tend to run ahead on the dance schedule--we will keep testing.  All dance partner lesson and test fees must be paid before you step onto the ice for your warm up.  The dance partner fee schedule is at the bottom of Friday's schedule.

All non club members must submit their "permission to test" form to before test weekend.
Download Permission to test form