December 8TH - 9th, 2023

Please check both schedules if you don't see your name on one of the schedules--you  may have been scheduled on both days. All testing is in the South Arena.

The dance partner fees are listed at the end of the Friday schedule--please note you may have additional fees due.  All fees are due before you step on the ice for your dance warm up.  We accept cash, checks (payable to RRVFSC) and credit cards.  Stop in at the "box office" to get your total for payment.

Arrive at the Sports Center at least 30-45 minutes before your scheduled test, if we start to run ahead of time we continue to test.  The pre-preliminary singles test will be single paneled and no music will be played.

Any non club skater that has not submitted their "permission to test" form must do so before testing. It can be emailed to or you can bring it with you on test day.  

Good Luck everyone on your tests!  There are a lot of them to get through.

Download Permission to test formTest SCHeduLe - Friday Dec 8thTest SCHeduLe - Saturday Dec 9th
The November test schedules are ready for viewing.  All tests will take place at the Moorhead Sports Center, 324 24th St S, Moorhead, MN.  Please arrive at least 45 minutes before your warm up; we do tend to run ahead on the dance schedule--we will keep testing.  All dance partner lesson and test fees must be paid before you step onto the ice for your warm up.  The dance partner fee schedule is at the bottom of Friday's schedule.

All non club members must submit their "permission to test" form to before test weekend.