July 23rd-24th, 2021

The schedules for the July 23rd-24th test session are available for viewing.

The schedules for the July 23-24 test session are available for viewing.   Click on the links below.COVID-19 Policy:  If you are fully vaccinated, masks are not required in the Sports Center.  As this is a sanctioned event and per USFS policy, if you are not vaccinated you are required to wear a mask, regardless of local regulations.  Masks do not need to be worn on the ice.  The locker rooms are not available and social distancing will be observed.  Come dressed to skate.

Brent, our dance partner has been vaccinated and does not require skaters to wear a mask when skating with him. However, if there are any parents and/or skaters that would prefer he wear a mask when skating with them he will accommodate you and wear a mask. All of Brent’s lesson and test fees will be collected on site before you warm up your dance. Non club skaters will be charged a walk on ice fee for lesson time. Checks payable to RRVFSC or cash are the only accepted methods of payment. Brent's test fees and lesson fees are posted at the bottom of the Friday schedule.

Please arrive at the rink at least 45 minutes before your warm up. We do occasionally get ahead on the schedule, if so, we continue to test. As the test schedule is very tight, if you miss your warm up you miss it, if you miss your test, you forfeit it.  There are no refunds for conditional tests that do not go out. A permission to test form is required for non club testers and should be submitted to the test chair prior to the test session:  jseka70@gmail.com

For non club skaters, there is considerable construction going on with the new high school right next to the Sports Center. Parking is available on the east end of the arena (think Zamboni end). You will need to walk alongside the north side of the arena to enter through those doors. The underpass by the high school on 21st Street is not yet completed; using 34th Street, then 4th Avenue is your best bet for getting to the rink and the parking lot
The November test schedules are ready for viewing.  All tests will take place at the Moorhead Sports Center, 324 24th St S, Moorhead, MN.  Please arrive at least 45 minutes before your warm up; we do tend to run ahead on the dance schedule--we will keep testing.  All dance partner lesson and test fees must be paid before you step onto the ice for your warm up.  The dance partner fee schedule is at the bottom of Friday's schedule.

All non club members must submit their "permission to test" form to info@rrfvsc.org before test weekend.