December 8-9 Test Session

The December test session will be held Friday, December 8th and Saturday, December 9th during day
hours at the Moorhead Sports Center. We will be testing all levels of dance, singles, and skating skills.
All dance tests will be scheduled for Friday as our dance partner will be leaving early Saturday morning.
The dance partner is Jamie Burns. His lesson and partner fees are due before you test on Friday.

All testers must be available to test either day or at any time of the day. Testing on Saturday will be in
the morning. Any non-club skater requesting lesson time with Jamie need to contact Shelly at for availability. All non-club skaters are required to submit a “permission to test”
to the test chair before the deadline. Those may be sent to

The deadline to register is 5 PM on Friday, November 17th . Late entries are not accepted. The schedule
will be posted online on or by December 1 st .
Register Here for December test sessionDownload Permission to test form
Non club members should submit a "permission to test" before the test date to