Welcome to the 2024 Red River Valley International Classic

Welcome to our 26th Classic! Registration is now open on the EntryEeze site. The deadline is midnight
December 27th , 2023—late fees will be assessed for any late entries. Have your coach approve your
entry to avoid errors on competition day. There are no refunds, medical or otherwise, unless the event
or competition is cancelled. The Artistic final round is once again being offered with cash prizes. For
those wishing to use IJS Test Credit you will find the link to sign up within the announcement. We’re
looking forward to seeing everyone!
Registration for the 2023 Red River Valley Classic is now open. 

Entries are accepted through EntryEeze.  

The deadline to register is Tuesday, December 27, 2022.  Any late entries will incur a late fee of $25.00.

The deadline dates for music uploads and PPC are January 15th and February 1st, respectively.

The announcement is available for your reference.  

We hope to see you in February!
At the Excel levels, skaters must be registered for and compete in the Excel Series. Requirements are outlined in the Excel Series Handbook in the Resources Box. The Compete USA portion of the National Festival is open to any Learn to Skate USA member.