July 2021 RRVFSC Test Session

Registration for the July test session will open at 8:00 am on Tuesday, July 6th.  Non club applications will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis as ice time permits.  The deadline to register is 5:00 pm on Sunday, July 11th.   Late registration requests are not considered.

We will be testing preliminary-international Dance, all levels of MIF and Free Skate.  Brent Bommentre will be here as the dance partner and will be available for lesson time during the week of July 19-22.  Any non club skater wishing to schedule lesson time can contact sschreiner419@gmail.com.  All Brent’s lesson and test fees will be collected on site before you warm up your dance.  Non club skaters will be charged a walk on ice fee for lesson time.

A permission to test form is required for non club testers and should be submitted to the test chair prior to the test session:  jseka70@gmail.com.

The schedule will be posted online on/by July 16th.  Please arrive at the rink 30 minutes before your scheduled warm up as we continue testing if we run ahead on the schedule.

If you are vaccinated for COVID-19, masks are not required in the Sports Center.  It is required that unvaccinated persons wear a mask in the Sports Center, per USFSA policy.  The locker room will not be available and social distancing will be observed.  Come dressed to skate.  

Register Here for JUly 2021 test sessionsDownload Permission to test form
Non club members should submit a "permission to test" before the test date to info@rrvfsc.org.