Registration is now open for the Thursday, February 13th Test Session.  Andrew Beck is our dance partner and any non club member requesting lesson time with him need to contact shellys@cableone.net to be put on his lesson schedule.  Non club members will also need to complete a "permission to test" form prior to testing; that form may be emailed to info@rrvfsc.org. You can download the form below.

Note that all tests are being conducted during the day--skaters will have to make the necessary arrangements with their school.  We are not able to accommodate any special requests for test times.  Both rinks will be used for testing.

The deadline for registering is Friday, January 31st at 5 pm. No consideration will be given for late requests.
Register Here for The FEBRUARY test sessionDownload Permission to test form
The schedule will be posted online on/by February 6th.