Registration for the December 9-10 session opens at 8 AM, November 20th. The deadline is Saturday, November 26th, 5 PM.  This deadline is over the Thanksgiving weekend so plan accordingly so you do not miss the deadline. The schedule will be posted on/by December 2nd.  

We will be testing all levels of MIF, Free Skate and Dance.  Brent Bommentre is the dance partner. Non club skaters wishing to schedule dance lessons with Brent need to contact for information.

We will be testing Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  You must be available to test either day and during the ice time we have available.  Non club registrations will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.  A permission to test form must be submitted before test day. That form can be submitted to
Register Here for DECember test sessionDownload Permission to test form
Non club members should submit a "permission to test" before the test date to